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Mary Alexander Featured in Engineers Canada

Mary Alexander, Principal at Moses Structural Engineers, was recently featured in an article entitled “How Mary Alexander, P.Eng., is constructing communities” by Engineers Canada. The article follows her journey towards structural engineering, her work on St. Elias Church and the city of Welland’s fire station, as well as what motivates and inspires her.

Speaking about sustainability and structural engineering, Mary told Engineers Canada:

 “If we’re going to talk about building sustainable buildings and designing with LEED, a big part of it is the structure itself. If you can use a building material that’s renewable and sequesters carbon from the air instead of emitting carbon, that’s a huge bonus…We’re thinking about the future and thinking about future generations. We’re not just going to design and build a building that works. We’re going to think of the sustainability, designing it to be efficient and to make the best use of materials.”

From all of us at Moses Structural Engineers, congratulations Mary on your achievements and advocacy for structural engineering.

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