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Saving Energy with Ottawa’s Newly Completed Youth Services Bureau

Our newest project in Ottawa, together with our colleagues at Cunliffe & Associates has been completed – the new Youth Service Bureau, a 4-storey wood and concrete framed apartment building with housing and a youth hub with accessible services.

With the help of Enbridge Gas, successful changes to the design were made to the project through their Savings by Design program, which offers solutions during design and construction that save energy and minimize environmental impact – which in return, is projected to save the building 23% of energy annually.

Enbridge Gas writes:

“Based on the advice of a team of experts, they upgraded insulation, altered the design of their curtain wall and added variable speed fans and pumps to mechanical systems. The result is a more energy-efficient and comfortable space for the residents”

Read more about this energy efficient building in Enbridge’s case study here.