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Reclaimed Wood Accessibility Ramp recently featured in The Globe and Mail

Our recent project with Oleson Worland Architects and The Architect Builders Collaborative at the Toronto Centre for Social Innovation has been featured in the Globe and Mail – a new ramp at 192 Spadina Avenue that uses reclaimed wood with “the challenge of creating something large, utilitarian, to code, and, most importantly, beautiful.”

The Globe and Mail writes:

“At Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation – part incubator, part lab, part co-working space, part tenanted office building, and all in for reshaping the world to become a better place – one such project exists. Here, at 192 Spadina Ave., how people enter and first experience the six-storey, 1920 brick-and-beam beauty has been radically changed, but a first-time visitor might not blink an eye.”

The wood for the ramp, sourced from old Toronto buildings taken down in the late-1990s and early-2000s “creates multiple platforms for laptop-typers or cellphone talkers – without interfering with wheelchairs wheeling their way safely down. [It] also create a new area where someone might address a crowd.”

Click here to learn more about the project in the full article.