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Mass timber innovation bringing new-found career opportunities

National Post writes about the growing popularity of mass timber and the career opportunities it presents.

Mass timber continues to grow as a popular choice throughout Canada, especially in the Ontario market. The annual TimberFever competition, hosted by David Moses of Moses Structural Engineers with the help of the College of Carpenters and Allied Trades continues to promote not only mass timber but wood in general as an effective building material.

Mass timber is growing in popularity due to its number of environmental benefits, reduction in construction cost and time, and its superior thermal efficiency. Mike Yorke, president of the Carpenters’ District Council of Ontario furthers this by stating “It’s an environmentally appealing option that will help governments and developers meet greenhouse gas commitments and promote a more sustainable economy.”

A new six-storey residential building is currently being developed at Queen and Coxwell which has greatly benefitted from using mass timber. Leith Moore, principal and founder of R-Hauz Solutions says “Mass timber opens up an important opportunity for mid-rise, street-scale neighbourhood projects that can be built quickly and efficiently.” 

Not only is it slowly becoming an excellent building material for contractors and designers, but it is also helping create jobs for carpenters and manufacturers. Element5 is currently the first mass timber producer in Ontario, and as the demand for mass timber grows, so does their opportunity for work. As new and younger workers continue to join the industry, they will continue to use and innovate with mass timber.

“Many younger people are very excited and interested in this because it introduces them to new technologies and higher quality construction innovation,” said Moses regarding his collaboration with the Carpenters College on its mass timber curriculum.

We believe mass timber will continue to grow in popularity in the industry – not only because it’s an excellent building material, but also because of the many new jobs it creates.

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