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Insight from Michael Grasso on transitioning into the workforce from his co-op at MSE

Our newest team member, Michael Grasso, shares insight on what it’s like to work here at Moses Structural Engineers along with his experience transitioning from being a co-op student to working full-time in his career path:

Transitions aren’t always easy – whether it be moving to a new house or starting a career, problems are sure to arise. My name is Michael Grasso. I recently graduated from George Brown College for Architectural Technology, and I began my co-op on September 3, 2019, at Moses Structural Engineers Inc. This is my first experience in the industry, and I had no idea what to expect, especially since my studies focused on architecture and not structural engineering. Despite my worries, I kept an open mind and reassured myself that, through my schooling, I have all the necessary skills to succeed.

Other than some introductions and a read through the employee handbook I hit the ground running, beginning to help with drafting residential projects. Jumping straight into projects helped me learn the company standards first-hand. Although I was not perfect (no one is!), I am always learning and improving my drafting quality. In addition, observing my co-workers’ routines and techniques was also valuable for me when adjusting to the industry. Learning habits that worked for others enabled me to create a great foundation for my own routine and techniques. Currently, I have transitioned to working from home as many others have had to do since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The work remains consistent and other than technical issues and adjusting my routine, the switch has been smooth.

I continue to enjoy my time at this company, and I am excited to witness the ongoing innovation and creativity they display. In conclusion, the industry was a different experience than I ever imagined; however, by taking things slowly, and with help from my peers, I was able to make a smooth transition to working in the workforce.