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The Future of Building – Tall Timber Buildings

David Moses recently gave a lecture at the PEO York Chapter on November 20, 2019:

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Convergence of technologies and modern engineering are changing the way we think of buildings

Wood buildings have traditionally been limited to 4-storeys under the National and Provincial building codes. But recent innovations in so-called ‘mass timber’ products have created new possibilities for much taller wood buildings, including a recently completed 18-storey student residence on the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Products such as glued-laminated timber and cross-laminated timber are large format elements that are pre-fabricated, CNC machined and can be installed quickly on site in almost any weather conditions. These and other innovative wood products are at the centre of a transformation in the construction industry where we expect higher quality, offsite fabrication along with faster and quieter site work with less construction waste. And, mass timber is a carbon sink, acting to sequester carbon rather than releasing carbon into the atmosphere which would otherwise contribute to greenhouse gases. David will provide an overview of the shift in the construction industry with respect to engineering analysis for structural design and fire safety.

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