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Heartwood The Beach is Toronto’s First Six-Storey Wood Condo!

Our latest project is featured on New in Homes:

“One of the most important and beautifully designed condos in Toronto right now is Heartwood The Beach by Fieldgate Urban. Why is Heartwood so important? It’s the first six-storey residential building in the city to be built entirely with a core structure comprised of wood.

Located on Queen Street East, steps from Woodbine Avenue, Heartwood’s structure will be fabricated using two materials: Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and Glulam. To create CLT, the strongest parts of a tree are used and oriented at right angles to one another. These pieces are glued together in order to form beams, walls, and floor systems as strong as steel or concrete.

When materials like Glulam and CLT exist, it doesn’t make sense to use steel or concrete. Wood can provide sound stability, strength, and reliability all while reducing the building industry’s carbon footprint. Wood is sustainable, renewable, and can be sourced responsibly.

First Mid-Rise Wood Building in Toronto Heartwood the Beach
The first mid-rise wood building planned for Toronto: Heartwood The Beach Condos.
First Mid-Rise Wood Building in Toronto Heartwood the Beach
Interior: Heartwood The Beach Condos.

One new condo made of wood won’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but everything’s got to start somewhere, and Fieldgate Urban is taking the lead!

“Canada is building a wood culture, where the world sees us as leaders in building with wood, where we produce competitive products and building systems where we embrace wood as our first choice and best value building material,” says Wood Works!. “Best of all, we do all of that as part of our stewardship of vibrant, healthy, sustainable forests.”

When a tree dies, the CO2 that it has been absorbing all its life is released back into the atmosphere during decomposition. One cubic metre of wood can have up to one tonne of CO2 stored within it. If the tree is harvested and put to use, that CO2 will remain in the wood.”

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Images: Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc. Design by Quadrangle Architects Ltd. and Moses Structural Engineers, for Fieldgate Urban and Hullmark Developments Ltd.