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Wood WORKS! Professor’s Conference Program

In March, David Moses delivered a talk at the Wood WORKS! Professor’s Conference Program in King City, Ontario, on the topic of  wood engineering culture in Ontario. The following is a summary of the talk from the program schedule:

Right now there is not enough timber engineering education in Ontario. We do not have robust research programs, graduate courses or undergraduate courses that will produce engineering graduates with a thorough background and the skills necessary to design modern timber buildings. An effective research and education program is a key part to developing Ontario’s forest sector as new opportunities arise for using our sustainably-harvested forests. In this presentation, David will illustrate the many lost opportunities over the years for Ontario, and Canada, that resulted from a lack of education, attention and investment in research in the wood engineering sector. He will present real-world examples to inspire attendees and promote the idea of the knowledge hub Ontario’s universities and colleges could be in wood engineering.