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David Moses speaks at ‘Inspire’

David Moses speaks at Inspire, February 24, 2011, the 68th Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA) conference in Banff, Alberta on behalf of the Canadian Wood Council (CWC).

What inspires us? What makes us think beyond the day-to-day and work towards a higher purpose? Is it people, ideals, nature, the built environment? The UN Declaration of Human Rights established ‘housing’ as a fundamental human right – those of us in this industry can set our sights on this noble goal as inspiration to create safe, high quality and affordable housing across our nation and around the world. David explores this and other ideas through his own experience with innovation in building technology, raising the limits on wood frame residential construction and new products like CLT panels. What we discover is while inspiration can drive innovation, the reverse can also be true: innovation can lead to inspiration.