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Introducing Hydrostor: The World’s First Underwater Compressed Air Electricity Storage System

We would invite you to check out our latest project, but you would need your scuba diving gear to actually see it! At a depth of over 140 ft below Lake Ontario is the world’s first underwater compressed air electricity storage system.

We worked closely with Hydrostor to design a specialized submerged ballast platform that uses over 200 tons of steel and over 1,000 tons of rock ballast to keep giant air bags from floating up. These bags are used by Hydrostor to store excess energy production – in the form of compressed air – from solar and renewable sources for reuse during peak demand times.

At 200 ft long, the Hydrostor accumulator ballast platform is almost the length of a cargo ship!

Preparing the rig for launch.

This has long been a missing link in our energy cycle, and this technology developed by Hydrostor could close the loop!

We are excited about the outcome of this project for our society, the environment and future generations.

Hydrostor balloon image
Conceptual drawing of submerged energy storage system.

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